The First International Workshop on
Interactive and Scalable Information Retrieval
methods for eCommerce
Feb 25th, 2022, Arizona, USA. Co-located with WSDM 2022.
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About the Workshop

Over the past few years, consumer behavior has shifted from traditional in-store shopping to online shopping. For example, eCommerce sales have grown from around 5% of total US sales in 2012 to around 14% in year 2021 and more than 25% growth in sales globally. This rapid growth of eCommerce has created new challenges and vital new requirements for intelligent information retrieval systems.

Scalable systems

Since the pandemic hit, eCommerce became an important part of people’s routine and they started using online shopping for smallest grocery items to big electronics as well as cars. With such a large assortment of products and millions of users, achieving higher scalability without losing accuracy is a leading concern for information retrieval systems for eCommerce.

Interactive Systems

The diverse buyers make the relevance of the results highly subjective, because relevance varies for different buyers. The most suitable and intuitive solution to this problem is to make the system interactive and provide correct relevance for different users. Hence, interactive information retrieval systems are becoming necessity in eCommerce.

System improvement

To handle sudden change in buyers’ behavior, industries adopted existing sub-optimal in- formation retrieval techniques for various eCommerce tasks. Parallelly, they also started exploring/researching for better solutions and in dire need of help from research community

The objective of this workshop is to bring a diverse set of practitioners and researchers together and encourage them to share their ideas, challenges & solutions and research. This workshop will provide a forum to discuss and learn the latest trends for interactive and scalable information retrieval approaches for eCommerce.

Call for Paper

This workshop is targeted to provide academic and industrial researchers a platform to present their latest works, share research ideas, present and discuss various challenges. Hence, we invite two kinds of contributions: full research papers (up to 10 pages) and short papers (up to 5 pages). Submissions must be in English, as PDF file, formated according to the new ACM format published in ACM guidelines, selecting the generic two-column “sigconf” sample (including references and figures). The papers can represent reports of original research, preliminary research results, or proposals for new work. The review process is single-blind. Papers will be evaluated according to their significance, originality, technical content, style, clarity, relevance to the workshop, and likelihood of generating discussion. Authors should note that changes to the author list after the submission deadline are not allowed without permission from the PC Chairs. At least one author of each accepted paper is required to register for, attend, and present the work at the workshop.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:
  • Query Understanding
    • Type-ahead/auto-completion, spell correction
    • Query intent understanding
    • Non-text query understanding
    • Attribute understanding
  • Product Understanding
    • Product intent and facets
    • Product knowledge graph
    • Ontology mining for product graph construction
  • Product Retrieval and Ranking
    • Product indexing and recall
    • Scalable and real-time indexing for frequently changing products (offers, auctions, etc.)
    • Recall and Ranking for multi-faceted products and multi-attributed queries
    • Ranking for Relevance vs Popularity vs Business trade-offs
    • Search Re-Ranking
  • Personalization and Recommendation
    • Interactive Search for personalization
    • Context and/or location based personalization
    • User attribute based personalization
    • Personalized and Semantic Retrieval
  • Conversational Search and Recommendation
    • Multi-turn product search and recommendation
    • Conversational query understanding and re-writing
    • Clarification and preference elicitation
    • Conversational result presentation and explanation
    • Multi-modal conversational systems for eCommerce
  • Other Topics
    • Feature learning for eCommerce search
    • Search & Recommendations: Fairness and trust for marketplaces
    • Balancing sponsorship vs relevance tread off in search results
    • Robust training objective and effective experimental strategy for IR models
    • End-to-End solution for interactive and scalable search framework

All papers must be submitted via EasyChair at:

Important Dates (AoE):

  • Submission deadline: Dec 18, 2021
  • Paper notifications: Jan 20, 2022
  • Camera-ready deadline: Feb 15, 2022
  • Workshop Day: Feb 25, 2022


Registration: Register at WSDM 2022

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Accepted Papers

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Vachik Dave

Walmart Global Tech

Linsey Pang

Walmart Global Tech

Xiquan Cui

The Home Depot

Lingfei Wu

JD.COM Silicon Valley Research Center

Hamed Zamani

University of Massachusetts Amherst

George Karypis

University of Minnesota Twint-cities

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